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Sunday , 21 Jan 2007
Bangladesh exports halal meat to Middle East market

Bangladesh’s lone meat-processing company said on January, 21 it was in line to launch the country’s first-ever meat exports, sending halal or Islamic-certified products to the Middle East. The Bengal Meat Company said it was expecting clearance...

Sunday , 21 Jan 2007
Malaysia’s condo market experiences boom due to increased foreign investment

Foreign investors are driving a boom in Malaysia’s luxury condominium market, lured by the relaxation of purchasing rules, a strong economy and low prices compared to other Asian capitals. There is a feeling that there is value in Malaysia. People...

Sunday , 21 Jan 2007
China announces policy reform: One of three policy banks of China set to be commercialised

China Development Bank (CDB), one of China’s three policy banks, will take the lead in commencing commercial operations, according to the Third National Financial Work Conference. This is the first time China has officially announced the reform of...

Sunday , 21 Jan 2007
Bad debt ratio of Nationalised Commercial Banks improved but still high:

The non-performing loan ratio of nationalised commercial banks(NCBs) of Bangladesh experienced improvement but was at ‘unsustainably’ high in the first quarter of the current fiscal,2006-07 due to lower recovery rate, revealed Bangladesh Bank...

Sunday , 21 Jan 2007
Chief Adviser of Care Government Fakhruddin addresses the nation: promises sweeping reforms

Highlights of the address: - Introduction of voter’s ID cards and transparent ballot boxes to be examined - Influence of black money and muscle on the next election will be curbed - Prospective candidates will have to submit wealth,...

Sunday , 21 Jan 2007
Bangladesh must protect LDCs’ interest in Global business leaders meeting at Davos

Speakers at a seminar held in Dhaka on January 21 urged the representatives of Bangladesh to safeguard the interests of the LDCs in World Economic Forum. Bangladesh will attend the meeting as the coordinator of the least developed countries (LDCs)....

Monday , 22 Jan 2007
ICCB Newsletter Editorial :Bangladesh economy braces man-made Tsunami

Congenial and conducive political environment is a precondition for sustained economic growth. With the drastic change in the world economy as a result of intense activities of globalization, it is vital that the objectives of politics should take a...

Monday , 22 Jan 2007
Tougher legal steps by Central Bank against loan defaulters

Bangladesh Bank is actively considering tougher legal steps against bank loan defaulters. The central bank is seeking cooperation of the finance ministry to amend the Representation of the People Order (RPO) 1972. The RPO that bars bank loan...

Monday , 22 Jan 2007
Sri Lanka to raise $200m by selling government bonds to overseas portfolio invertors

Sri Lanka is expected to raise US$200 million by selling government bonds to overseas portfolio investors this year to help fund a sharp jump in the budget, the central bank chief said on January 22. The central bank partially liberalised foreign...

Monday , 22 Jan 2007
Bangladesh: the second largest recipient of the IFC loans and equities in South Asia

Bangladesh is increasingly becoming an attractive location for investment of the International Finance Corporation (IFC), with the global financial institutions lending commitment showing a 45 per cent rise since the fiscal 2005. The IFC, the...

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