ICC Bangladesh, The world business organization, will hold a day-long Workshop on Managing Trade Payment and Trade Finance Risk – Operations, Compliance & Legal Analysis at Hotel Golden Tulip, Dhaka on Saturday, 22 July 2023.

The international trade of Bangladesh exceeded $100 billion and is expected to grow considering post LDC export diversification potentials. Government targeted $80 billion export by 2024. The evolving economic target requires deep understanding and managing international trade payment. UCP 600 is the most important documents for making all international payments. It has been observed that documentary credit practitioners only use UCP 600 for upward communication with the advising or nominated banks. Whereas UCP 600 has many explicit or implicit references to make downward communications with the applicant, helping them for better risk management of their documentary credits. Moreover, trade practitioners often approach particular issues only on a transactional basis. Building a process-driven effective leadership within the trade finance division will help banks improve efficiency and embeds a homegrown leadership programme within the division. Besides, trade finance personnel have had to go beyond their known territory and ensure compliance with trade transactions. To adapt to this paradigm shift, there is need for knowing more about standard procedures practiced by the bankers in international trade payment to become the best trade officers. The workshop has been developed to update trade practitioners on the above time-befitting issues.

The Workshop will be of importance for officials of Bangladesh Bank, commercial banks, non-banking financial institutions and legal experts dealing with international trade to understand the complex global trade finance scenario and how to take correct decision to avoid the risk of settlements. CDCS, CSDG, CSCF, CTFC participants will receive 8 (eight) PDUs for re-certification by attending this workshop.

The registration form duly filled-in may please be sent along-with fees thru’ Pay Order in favour of ICC Bangladesh send to the Secretary General, ICC Bangladesh, Rangs FC Square (5th Floor), Plot- 6A, Road- 32, Gulshan Avenue, Dhaka-1212 by Monday, 17 July 2023.