March 19

ICC Workshop on ATA Carnet System

March 6-7

ESCAP Regional Workshop

February 27-28

ICC Academy 8th Supply Chain Summit

February 27

ICC Bangladesh Executive Board Meeting

February 24

ICC Bangladesh reception to ICC Chairman Paul Polman

February 20-21

ADFIAP Annual Meeting in Muscat


December 15-16

Training of Bankers of Cambodia in Phnom Penh


December 09

Workshop on Documentary Trade Finance: Technical, Legal & Technology

December 3-5

ICC Knowledge Sharing Session in Paris

November 6-9

ICC-UNHCR Programme for Rohingya Refugees and host community

October 14

ASEAN Diplomats visited ICC Bangladesh

October 07

ICC workshop on Importance of Compliance in Trade Finance

September 10

73rd ICCB Executive Board Meeting

July 10

Workshop on Changing Faces of International Trade fraud : Current Risks, Prevention & Responses

April 25-27

Workshop on International Trade Finance and Development of Global Value Chain in Phnom Penh

April 18

Round Table on Trade Facilitation Project in Bangladesh

March 28

72nd ICCB Executive Board Meeting

February 11

ICC Advanced Workshop on Documentary Credit and Guarantees for Specialists, Chittagong

February 10

ICC Workshops on Letters of Credit in Law and Practice, Chittagong


November 26

Seminar on Introduction of ATA Carnet System in Bangladesh

October 16

Seminar on Privatisation in the context Economic Globalisation

August 11

Seminar on Banking Technique and Practices


December 3

Seminar on Market Access and New Issues Under the WTO Agreement